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A Note From Clementine

June 2017: After six years on Etsy, I now find myself doing more in-person events and special collaborative projects with some of the talented Indie dyers I am lucky to count among my friends. Needing a more versatile online presence, I finally took the leap and opened my Indiemade shop! If you aren't already familiar with my work, I invite you to take a peek at my Etsy shop, where you can see photos of more than 600 sold items, review my 100% 5-star rating, or read some of the 300+ reviews from buyers. I am grateful for my customers' great reviews, encouragement, and support of Indie makers.

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I have been a "maker" as long as I can remember; I believe strongly that there is great value in supporting artisans who craft unique, handmade items. I've been drawn to traditional handwork since I was a kid. I came to love and appreciate how each item made by an individual tells a piece of that artist's personal story — and how those stories can remind me of times and places I've never even been!

That little cowgirl whose photo you see all over my shop? Yep, that's me! When I wasn't tap dancing on a Pepsi box, on a street corner in Chicago, I used to go door-to-door selling cakes I made in my Easy-Bake oven, beaded jewelry, and loop loom potholders I "wove." I may have moved on to other media, but I am still a proud (albeit sometimes exhausted) one-person shopkeeper.

My workroom is a cozy, sunny room in our cheerful, art-filled Maryland home, in our county's Arts District. It’s a joyful and energizing celebration of color, texture, and print (which is a nice way of saying that it looks like a fabric store exploded in there.) This room is where all the action is, where the magic takes place; it's the epicenter of That Clever Clementine, it's where all “works in progress” will be found ... including ME!

I am (at least I hope that I am) an ever changing, ever evolving "work-in-progress." Although the handwork skills that I love (sewing, knitting, feltmaking, embroidery, etc.) have their roots in the past, my motto is "Roots Give Wings." So I'm always trying something different, tweaking the recipe, learning and applying new skills, and experimenting with new tools and techniques.

I'm lucky to do what I love, enjoying the support of my family and community, and having dedicated space in which to work. I have always been drawn to, and taken much joy in, beautifully crafted items that are meant to be functional and not just attractive — things like hats, handbags and tote bags, shawls, and aprons. I love to look at these things, imagining the stories these items could tell about their owners, and the lives they led. I like to think my own work, too is — as Jane Austen said — "sensible and clever," decorative and functional at the same time.

C'mon by the shop anytime, and see what's new. You can also find me on Facebook or Instagram, where you can learn more about special collaborative projects, enjoy fun sneak peeks, and just generally enjoy the shenanigans.


Happy Trails,